Dedicated Locals Keep a Keen Eye on the Reef: Annual Survey is a Great Success

During the first week of March, Waitabu Village in Taveuni, Fiji, played host to a group of dedicated local marine lovers who came together to take part in the annual marine Survey.

Waitabu Marine Park has long since been a pioneering example of a successful locally managed Marine Protected Area (MPA). The communities of Waitabu and Bouma came together to protect their native fishing grounds in 1998. Their foresight and diligence allows visitors the opportunity to share in the beauty of the Waitabu Marine Park.

11th Pacific Science Inter-Congress

“Sacred Water”; 10 years of community managed marine protection

Paper presented by Helen R Sykes and Chinnamma Reddy at The 11th Pacific Science Inter-Congress

Sacred Water

“Sacred Water”;

10 years of community managed marine protection supported by ecotourism-based income generation at Waitabu Marine Park, Fiji Islands

Helen Sykes and Chinnamma Reddy

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