Fiji Shark Sanctuary

Fijian National Shark SanctuaryLed by the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), the Pew Environment Group, and the Fijian Ministry of Fisheries, we are working to declare all of Fiji’s waters a sanctuary for sharks but we can only do this with the continued will and support of the Fijian people.

Sharks have roamed our oceans since before the time of dinosaurs, but their long reign at the top of the ocean food chain may be ending. Around the globe, more and more of these creatures are being caught and killed for their fins, or accidentally as bycatch.

Honduras, Palau, the Maldives, the Bahamas, Tokelau, and the Marshall Islands have led the way by declaring their waters sanctuaries for these magnificent animals. We aim to bring the same protections to sharks in Fiji by creating a national shark sanctuary here, the first of its kind in Melanesia.

Join us by helping to raise awareness about the plight and importance of sharks to Fiji’s cultural and economic future. Learn how you can get involved in helping to make history. …

Marine Life of Fiji & Tonga

Marine Life of Fiji and Tonga – A Video Identification Guide

Created for divers, snorkelers, aquarists and all marine enthusiasts, this “V.I.D” (Video ID) Guide covers the incredible marine biodiversity of this fantastic corner of the South Pacific.

It’s an comprehensive identification guide to 1272 animal and plant species — except that instead of being a book full of pictures, it’s a video with gorgeous real-life footage of each species, and each of the 1739 video clips is labeled with the common and scientific names of each species.

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