Fiji Environment Management (EIA Process) Regulations 2007

These Regulations may be cited as the Environment Management (EIA Process) Regulations 2007.

A person who carries out any development activity or undertaking which is subject to the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process without an approved EIA report commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a maximum fine of $750,000 or to imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or both.

Environment Management (Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Process) Regulations 2007
Environment Management (Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Process) Regulations 2007

Fiji maintains an EIA Consultant Registration Scheme.

A project developer Project must select an EIA Consultant from the list of registered consultants published by DoE.

Guidelines for implementing the registration scheme (including registration criteria and consultant qualifications) are available from L:ands Dept.

Registered consultants must abide by a Code of Practice.

The Code requires consultants to not represent conflicting or competing interests and to disclose to any client or employer any relationship that may influence the consultant’s judgment.

Consultants are not permitted to intentionally communicate false or misleading information that may compromise the integrity of any EIA study. Registered individuals can be deregistered or suspended if they fail to comply with the Code of Practice or fail to fulfill the minimum requirements.

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