The University of Georgia (UGA)

The University of Georgia offers its students over 100 faculty-led study abroad group programs in addition to exchange programs. UGA is also a member of various consortia and is affiliated with organizations that offer many additional programs.The University of Georgia (UGA) However, our students are not limited to these opportunities, and can select from many of thousands of programs offered by American universities or directly enroll in a foreign university for a semester, academic year, or summer.

UGA Fiji programWe assist UGA students in pursuing educational experiences around the world by offering:

  • Group and individual advising sessions to help students identify programs suitable for their needs
  • Insurance, orientation sessions, and other important information before departure
  • Assistance in transferring credit from non-UGA programs back to UGA
  • Resources for faculty and staff managing UGA’s dozens of study abroad programs around the world and throughout the summer and academic calendar
  • Advising and coordination of semester and full-year exchanges with over 40 partner schools around the world
  • Orientation and registration for incoming exchange students
  • Scholarships and work-study opportunities to help students finance their study abroad experience
  • Opportunities for returning study abroad students to spread the word and help globalize our campus.
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