Reef Secret: Why Fiji offers some of the world’s best diving

Helen Sykes of Marine Ecology is featured in Air Pacific’s in-flight magazine (pp36-39 Islands Vol 1, 2012), Reef Secret: Why Fiji offers some of the world’s best diving, by Susan Eames

Susan starts with

Not all tropical reefs are created equal. Some seem to burgeon with life while others look bare. There are numerous seasons why, but before we get on to the technical aspects, let’s talk about reproduction…”


Reef Secret, 36-39 Islands Vol 1, 2012

And goes on to “I asked Helen Sykes of Marine Ecology, Fiji about the quality of the country’s reefs as a whole. She referred me to a paper written by herself and Edward Lovell from the University of the South Pacific titled: “A Cause for Optimism”.

After nine years of reef monitoring, the paper discusses identification of threats and resiliency on Pacific reefs through long-term reef monitoring.

The news on Fiji’s reefs was good: most reefs had scored highly for factors relating to coral resiliency and climate change.

It was clear from Sykes’ studies that Fiji’s reefs are in good health and seem capable of remaining that way.”

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