Mangrove Management Plan for Fiji 2013 (MMP2013)

This report, the Mangrove Management Plan 2013 (MMP2013), has been prepared by Dr Dick Watling, Environment Consultants Fiji (ECF) for the Department of the Environment (DoEnv) as the focal point for the Mangrove Eco Systems for Climate Change Adaptation and Livelihood project Project (MESCAL).


Mangrove Management Plan 2013 (MMP2013

A draft of the report was circulated to members of the Mangrove Management Committee (MMC) and other stakeholders prior to a workshop being held to discuss the draft.

A report on the workshop was prepared by Department of Environment (DoEnv 2013), and findings considered by the consultant and included in the final.

The MESCAL project, a German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety funded project is administered through the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Oceania Regional Office (IUCN ORO) in collaboration with the government of Fiji, as one of the five countries included in the project.

The project, is part of the broader Pacific Mangroves Initiative with the key goal “to assist the Pacific Island countries and territories to implement sound practices and capacity building in mangrove management, including raising awareness of and maintaining high biodiversity values and ecosystem goods and services that can sustain or even improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of the local population depending off these coastal ecosystems”.

The MMP2013 complements other MESCAL projects being undertaken in Fiji which include:

  1. Review of legislation and policies relating to the use and management of mangrove ecosystems in Fiji Islands
  2. Baseline biodiversity data/information on the MESCAL demonstration site – the Rewa Delta
  3. Carbon assessment of the Rewa Delta.
  4. Technical training of Government stakeholders
    a. Mangrove long plot surveys
    b. Shoreline video assessments
    c. Fisheries surveys (net surveys)
    d. Carbon assessments (measuring, processing, packaging and import of soil samples; aboveg round biomass sampling)
  5. National Mangrove Media Awareness Campaign (partnering with WWF, Ministry of Lands, Department of Environment).

In particular the MMP recognises that the Review of legislation and policies relating to the use and management of mangrove ecosystems in Fiji Islands provides a comprehensive analysis which is drawn on in the development of this plan.

While duplication of the review and analysis has been avoided, certain issues, recommendations and conclusions of that report underlie subjects specifically addressed in this plan.

Mangrove Management Plan 2013 (MMP2013

The Mangrove Management Plan of Fiji-2013 was prepared for the National Mangrove Management Committee (MMC) by Dr Dick Waling. This report was funded through the MESCAL Fiji project*. housed under the Department of Environment.

© 2013 Mangrove Management Committee, Republic of Fiji.

Reproduction of this publication for educational and non- commercial purposes is authorized without prior written permission from the copyright holder, provided that the source Is fully acknowledged.

Reproduction of any part of this publication for resale or other commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written consent from the copyright owner

Photographic credits:MESCAL Fiji Project

*MESCAL Fiji project is funded by the Federal Repubk of Germany through International Union of Conservation of Nature -Oceania Regional Office, under the Pacific Mangrove Initiative.

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