Fiji Fishery Resource Profiles

Our friend, Bob Gillett’s new book on Fiji’s fishery resources is being released this week. The “Fiji Fishery Resource Profiles” is a 240-page publication with 44 chapters, each of which is dedicated to a species group such as tuna, giant clams, lobsters, and parrotfish.

The chapters have sub-sections on the species present, distribution, biology/ecology, the fishery, production/marketing, stock status, management, current legislation/policies on exploitation, and management recommendations.

It is intended to be a “one-stop shop” for information for fishery managers and other interested people.

The book is a collaborative effort between the company Gillett/Preston Inc and the Wildlife Conservation Society – and was funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

The contributors are the staff of the Ministry of Fisheries, NGOs, academics, the private sector, and individual consultants.

Soft copies of the book are available at:

Fiji Fishery Resource Profiles

Lee S., Lewis A., Gillett R., Fox M., Tuqiri N., Sadovy Y., Batibasaga A., Lalavanua W., and Lovell E. 2018. Fiji Fishery Resource Profiles. Gillett Preston and Associates and the Wildlife Conservation Society, Suva. 240pp.

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