Originally founded in 1994 to galvanize the dive community for conservation, CORAL has grown from a small, grassroots alliance into the only international nonprofit organization that works exclusively to unite communities to protect our planet’s coral reefs.

We provide tools, education, and inspiration to residents of coral reef destinations to support local projects that benefit both reefs and people. We currently work in Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Fiji, and IndonesiaFiji Shark Poster

We believe in the majesty and mystery of coral reefs, in their ability to teach, sustain, inspire, and give life.

We are their students and their protectors; we hold the knowing that if reefs die, we all die—plain and simple. And the reefs are dying, every day. They are being overheated by the rising temperatures of climate change, overfished by commercial fisherman, and overlooked by ambitious developers and tourism operators. But we can change this—together.

We hold the hope for reversing this crisis and believe in the power of community to make change, to find common ground, and to heal.

Coral reefs are the oldest biological communities on the planet. And to save this community, we must awaken others and remind them that we are all connected—to the reefs and to each other. We must build alliances and forge connections; we must unite to protect this precious resource.

Coral Reef Alliance CORALWe recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problems affecting the reefs of the world.

Instead, we work within the communities that surround each reef to create solutions that benefit reefs as well as the people who depend on them. Our programs are born out of necessity, out of the local community, and out of what makes sense on the ground right now.

We believe that wonder lives at the heart of science.

Our demand for the effective and the practical does not diminish our awe for the magnificent. It is often the adaptability and elegance of the reef systems themselves that inspire the creative and flexible solutions we seek.

We’re on a mission and we’re in a hurry.

We cannot save the reefs without considering the people who live by them and depend on them directly. Our work takes us to the front lines—to the reefs and the reef communities to provide education, motivation, and inspiration to make changes that will make a difference right now—not in twenty years.

The oldest biological community on the planet has inspired us to build a worldwide community to save it.

We are CORAL. Please join us.

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