BlueStar Coral Reef Friendly Tourism Presentation

BlueStar Coral Reef Friendly Tourism

“Promoting, Protecting and Improving Marine Tourism in the South Pacific”


“A training and certification programme for tourism operators to promote sustainable use of coral reef ecosystems in Fiji, and the South Pacific”


Fiji is surrounded by 10,000 Km 2 of coral reef, and boasts an impressive biodiversity and balance:

  • over 200 species of scleractinian corals,
  • more than 1,200 reef fish species,
  • 5 species of sea turtles, at least 3 nesting
  • 3 species of sea snakes,
  • 4 species of sea-grasses
  • 7 species of mangroves, plus a unique hybrid
  • a large range of invertebrates

Around 80% of annual visitors to Fiji are involved in some form of marine based activities during their stay here

  • Be it snorkeling and swimming over pristine coral reefs through schools of colorful fishes,
  • Sailing and island hopping,
  • Diving off walls and caves
  • Or simply just lazing under palm trees on white sandy beaches….

The Marine Environment is an integral part of most services and activities offered by tourist operators for their valued guestsHowever, concerns are being raised on the deteriorating state of some coral reef ecosystems in Fiji and moreover the lack of comprehensive mechanisms and resources to counter this
emerging global crisis.

In light of this situation, structured management strategies need to be adopted by tourism operators in
partnership with local stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of this fragile ecosystem.

The BlueStar Coral Reef Friendly Tourism initiative was initiated by CRISP as a pilot programme for Fiji, with regional potential.

It is designed to be a comprehensive programme designed to offer training, support and incentives to tourism operators to help  better manage their marine tourism operations and subsequently the marine environment.

BlueStar Coral Reef Friendly Tourism Presentation
BlueStar Coral Reef Friendly Tourism Presentation

BlueStar Coral Reef Friendly Tourism -Promoting, Protecting and Improving Marine Tourism in the South Pacific

BlueStar Coral Reef Friendly Tourism initiative

Download pdf presentation here: BlueStar Coral Reef Friendly Tourism Presentation



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