Fiji’s National Ocean Policy 2020 – 2030

“A healthy ocean that sustains the livelihoods and aspirations of current and future generations for Fiji.”

Fiji’s National Ocean Policy

Fiji’s National Ocean Policy points the way to achieving “A healthy ocean that sustains the livelihoods and aspirations of current and future generations for Fiji.” Government is steadily strengthening legislation and policy and committing resources to ensure a healthy and productive ocean. At its core, this Policy lays out Fiji’s commitment to the 100 percent sustainable management of our ocean and its designation of 30 percent marine protected areas by 2030.

Fijians have been at the forefront of ocean action and leadership because it is our responsibility as an oceanic people. Fiji is a nation of over 300 islands whose past, present and future are intrinsically linked to the ocean. The wealth and resources associated with Fiji’s vast marine areas represent significant natural capital and are valid pillars of the country’s food security. The ocean is also central to traditions, culture, its art, research and education.

Defending the health of the vast and multi-faceted global ocean is a challenge that no single agency can hope to undertake on its own, so Fiji’s National Ocean Policy seeks to capture and consolidate the exceptional work being done by various implementing agencies. The Policy brings international best practices to the local level, creating an umbrella that captures the activities of multiple parties within the ocean space under one holistic framework.

Our purpose is to secure and sustainably manage all of Fiji’s ocean and marine resources. Fiji will not pursue a shortsighted exploitation of ocean ecosystems at the expense of bigger, bluer opportunities of a sustainable ocean economy. With stronger legislation and governance, Pacific Island countries stand to gain substantial financial returns from the blue economy, creating jobs and growth and ensuring a sound economic future—but only if the ocean is sustainably managed.

Author: Fiji Ministry of Economy

Citation: Fiji Ministry of Economy. (2021). Republic of Fiji National Ocean Policy 2020-2030. Suva, Fiji: Ministry of Economy. 70 p.

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