Reef Check EcoDiver Certification with interns in Fiji

We ran a Reef Check EcoDiver course for 2 interns here at Marine Ecology Consulting in Suva, Fiji.

Our 2020 interns, Taitusi Dradra and Tiarana Mitchell started with two days in the office where Helen covered the ID lectures and exam, before heading out on the boat KITE to complete 2 full Reef Check surveys on the reefs of Suva.

That weekend we went out again to dive Fish Patch and complete the surveys on this site again. We have Reef Check data from this site dating back to the year 2000.

Underwater Temperature Data Logger placed

We also set a new digital water temperature logger.

We use the Onset HOBO U22-001 Underwater Temperature Data Logger w/Base-U-4 USB Base Station which have proved themselves rugged and solid enough to survive months underwater.

This will record temperatures through the warmer summer months in 2020 when bleaching may occur.

Congratulations to Tia and Tusi 🙂

Certified Reef Check training facility

Marine Ecology Consulting is a certified ReefCheck training facility

While we do not offer regular courses, we are available for contract to student groups etc.

Reef Check EcoDiver

The ReefCheck EcoDiver program allows anyone with an interest in the ocean – from kids to adults – to learn more about tropical coral reefs around the world.

ReefCheck combines education with action to give volunteers a unique experience while taking an active role in conserving the world’s reefs. The EcoDiver program allows participants the rare opportunity to work with teams of scientists throughout the world to combat the crises affecting our reefs today.

The world’s reefs are changing fast, and it is up to us to ensure that reefs are around for future generations.

Using the globally standardized scientific protocol, the ReefCheck EcoDiver program collects valuable data to establish the status of coral reefs world wide.

Check off the Training Facility option at to find a certified Reef Check training facility at your next diving destination!

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